HRM Compact Associates Information Briefing


Thank You For Reviewing This Brief Selection Of Links That Are Listed Herein In An Effort To Summarize Both The Ethical-Politico Mission As Well As The Financial Opportunities That Are Based Upon The Evident Past Practice In These Realms Of Sustainable Green Energy Production, Nutritional-Herbal Health Care Options; And, The Reallocation Of Real Estate For Purposes Of Invoking A Global General Populace Optimism That Embraces Creative Knowledge Which Leads To Innovations Of Commerce & Trade In The Public Interest :
  1. Settlers Compact (Free Prior Informed Consent) (Scotland)
  2. Two Turtles Compact (Renewal 2014) (Great Peacemaker)
  3. HRM Compact (Syllabus) (Recovery)
  4. HRM Hwuneem Kwa'mutsun Nation State (Backgrounder) (Capital Formations) (8 Steps Solutions) (HRM Kwa'mutsun Consideration Of Bi-Lateral Trade With Russia)
  5. Tecumseh Protocol (STT Formations In North America) (Ice To Thaw)
  6. HRM Kwa'mutsun Nation & Pawnee Oklahoma Bank
  7. HRM Kwa'mutsun Peace & Harmony Trust At Bank Of Nova Scotia
  8. Tri-Lateral Energy Compact (Global Resources Compact)
  9. Extreme Climate Change Immigration & Migration Rationale
  10. SVS-IHHI
  11. Gaiawatts Financials
  12. HRM Calliou Rocky Mountain Cree Nation State
  13. (Overview) P1-Factor Resources & Green Energy Projects per SVS-IHHI (International Merchant House)
  14. Miscellaneous : (HRM Interstellar) (HRM Compact & The Empire Of The Netherlands) (OIPII Intelligence) (Education Justice Vortex) (Canada PM Harper v Russia's Putin) (Preserving Records For War Crimes Trials) (Expiry Of Hudson's Bay Company Charter 1676)